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  • VR Code develops technological applications that enable organizations to significantly improve the performance related to marketing, training and the health / safety.

Our Technologies

Virtual reality

VR Code Virtual Reality App has been designed to enable employees to train in a 100% safe environment that is fully representative of their workplace. VR Code is a health / safety-at-work application that combines workplace scanning and integrates it into a program that uses virtual reality. Thus, employees can sit in a training room with their colleagues, while being immersed in a virtual environment modeled on their real work environment. The training can be provided in a totally safe place, but completely realistic at the same time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has made a powerful entry into our daily lives and its applications are now at hand. Imagine if your employees were accompanied at all times and if safety instructions could be communicated to them in real time. Imagine also if these safety instructions were adapted to the location, to each situation’s specific procedures and to the company’s own protocol. 

360° Technology

Our 360 ° technology is extremely powerful: it allows us to digitize work environments and integrate relevant information. This information can be presented in different forms such as by showing text blocks or explanatory videos. Our 360 ° technology promotes learning in the workplace without the risks associated with in-plant training, for example. VR Code's 360 ° technology is flexible, fast and affordable, and is a true solution for the future. This technology is an undeniable asset for any organization aiming at better employee development and learning. 



  • VR Code supports and helps companies in all types of projects involving virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree technology. By evaluating the desired objectives and the anticipated gains, VR Code is able to recommend the best application (s) to develop to meet the challenges of your organization. Let’s enter the 4.0 era!

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